Ken Broda-Bahm, Ph.D.

Dr. Ken Broda-Bahm has provided research and strategic advice on several hundred cases across the country for the past 21 years, applying a doctorate in communication emphasizing the areas of legal persuasion and rhetoric. As a tenured Associate Professor of Communication Studies, Dr. Broda-Bahm has taught courses including legal communication, argumentation, persuasion, and research methods. He has trained and consulted in 19 countries around the world and is Past President of the American Society of Trial Consultants.


Dr. Broda-Bahm provided a full spectrum of services on an agricultural products liability bellwether and a follow-up trial associated with property damage in 2008 – 2009. The services included focus groups, venue comparisons, community attitude surveys, mock trial, graphics recommendations, opening statement strategy and messaging, preparation of more than two dozen witnesses, a shadow jury, a recommended closing argument outline and juror post-trial interviews. The case ended in a bellwether verdict in our clients' favor followed by a settlement of all remaining cases.

Dr. Broda-Bahm has provided frequent on-call assistance in a wide range of employment arbitrations for several large transportation companies based in Denver. His involvement is aimed at enhancing the message and improving arbitration outcomes by providing strategic advice, developing a case theme and opening statement recommendations, helping witnesses testify effectively, creating cross-examination plans for adverse witnesses, and advising on persuasive demonstrative exhibits.


Doctor of Philosophy, Speech Communication – Southern Illinois University, Carbondale, Illinois, 1993. Emphasis on Language, Legal Communication, Rhetoric, and Critical Theory.
Master of Arts, Speech Communication – Western Washington University, Bellingham Washington, 1986. Emphasis on Argumentation and Language.
Bachelor of Arts, Political Science – Western Washington University, Bellingham, Washington, 1984. Emphasis on Public Administration.


American Society of Trial Consultants – 1994 to present
American Society of Trial Consultants, President – 2007
International Debate Education Association, U.S.A., Board Member – 2000 - 2005
Contemporary Argumentation and Debate, Editor – 2001-2003
American Bar Association – 2004 to present
The Red Well (Blog Aggregator for Views on Legal Persuasion) – 2011 to present


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