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Each of our litigation consultants holds a Ph.D. emphasizing legal communication. Together with our award-winning graphics professionals and dedicated staff we help you achieve the best case outcomes.
Kevin Boully
Kevin Boully, Ph.D. Senior Litigation Consultant
Kevin Boully, Ph.D. Senior Litigation Consultant

Dr. Kevin Boully has been active in litigation consulting since 2001. His doctorate in legal communication focuses on persuasion, small group influence, and jury decision making. Dr. Boully has conducted and analyzed research and advised on a full range of plaintiff and defense cases. Dr. Boully has been Associate Editor and advisor to the American Society of Trial Consultants’ jury research and courtroom communication publication, The Jury Expert. Dr. Boully is also currently co-authoring a book for the American Bar Association Section of Intellectual Property, Patently Persuasive.

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