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Each of our litigation consultants holds a Ph.D. emphasizing legal communication. Together with our award-winning graphics professionals and dedicated staff we help you achieve the best case outcomes.
Shelley Spiecker
Shelley C. Spiecker, Ph.D. Senior Litigation Consultant
Shelley C. Spiecker, Ph.D. Senior Litigation Consultant

Dr. Shelley Spiecker has been advising attorneys on case strategy, courtroom persuasion and jury selection for over 19 years. With a doctorate in legal communication, Dr. Spiecker has extensive experience in the design and analysis of mock trial and focus group research. Her studies of the tactical use of innuendo in the courtroom and her analyses of effective opening statements and closing arguments have been recognized as valuable contributions to the trial consulting field. Dr. Spiecker is a national leader in strategic trial solutions in energy litigation and is frequently asked to lecture on emerging research findings.

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